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Why By the Yard offers a 35-year limited warranty

By Dan Darvell January 13, 2022 blog

Chances are that you have a stack of product warranties in a shoebox somewhere in your home. What you might not know is that a warranty can say a lot about a product. When you open a low-quality electronic device, for example, it could have a 1-year warranty – or maybe no warranty at all. This tells you two key things: first, the company knows that their product is prone to breaking down, becoming defective, or underperforming. Secondly, the issuer does not prioritize the customer.

At By the Yard, all our sustainable, durable outdoor furniture is backed by a hefty limited 35-year warranty. Is there anything in your home, or even your home itself, that you purchased 35 years ago? Probably not. So why such a long warranty period? In short, because we believe in our products and we care about you. Here is why we confidently offer this warranty to all our customers.

Why By the Yard Offers a 35-Year Limited Warranty

1. By the Yard Furniture Is Built to Last

Every piece of By the Yard outdoor furniture is specifically crafted with durability and longevity in mind. Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) lumber, our pieces are immune to bending and cracking, even if they are never covered or brought inside. HDPE won’t splinter, and stands up to UV-ray damage much more effectively than traditional wood.

Even with harsh Minnesota winters, we are so confident that your By the Yard furniture will stand the test of time that we protect it for 35 years. Our warranty is designed to ensure you get great value out of our products; and because our products are built to last, so is our warranty.

Why By the Yard Offers a 35-Year Limited Warranty

2. We Want You to Enjoy the Outdoors

At the heart of every By the Yard product is the desire to create lasting, enjoyable outdoor furniture that our customers can pass along to the next generation. We want you to enjoy your mornings and evenings on the porch or patio, not spend several hours cleaning your furniture or rushing it inside during a rainstorm. In fact, By the Yard furniture is designed to make even routine maintenance obsolete. The nonporous material can be wiped with simple soap and water if needed, so you can spend less time taking care of your furniture, and more time enjoying it.

Why By the Yard Offers a 35-Year Limited Warranty

3. We Believe in Keeping Our Promises

By now, you know that By the Yard values the durability and longevity of our products. What better way to stand behind our craftsmanship, service, and quality than a decades-long warranty? You don’t need to simply believe our words – we prove our commitment with action. Our 35-year limited warranty on all By the Yard furniture demonstrates that we believe in integrity and backing up our claims with real effort and real results.

Why By the Yard Offers a 35-Year Limited Warranty

Invest in the Future of Your Outdoor Space with By the Yard

At By the Yard, we believe that life is better outdoors. That’s why we create the most durable, sustainable, no-maintenance outdoor furniture on the market, and protect it for 35 years. Invest in the future of your outdoor space by choosing a handcrafted, elegant piece of outdoor furniture from your dedicated friends at By the Yard. Whether you are a young new homeowner, or a seasoned retiree looking to pass along a lasting gift to your children or grandchildren, By the Yard furniture will continue to serve your family with memories and experiences for years to come. Enhance your outdoor space by shopping at By the Yard either online or at a location near you.