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White furniture disclaimer

White furniture has specific cleaning requirements and limitations of which you need to be aware. It requires pressure washing (not just a pressurized garden hose nozzle) and dirt may build up between slats and in the joints where water pressure can’t reach. White naturally shows dust and dirt and you will not be able to remove it all over time. Half of our customers that have white love it, and the other half wish they would have gone with another color.

Other colors don’t show the dirt as much and the rain will do most of your cleaning. We will put your order into production when we receive confirmation that you have read and understand this waiver. Signing this waiver does NOT void the 35 year warranty not to crack, break, or peel. If you’d like to consider a different color and need color samples, please respond to this email or call our office at (952) 492-2777 with the samples you would like to see and we will get them to you within the week.

We do not accept returns or exchanges on white furniture once it has left our premises.

We will schedule your order in to production AFTER we have received your approval.

You may sign this note and fax it to (952) 492-9273 OR scan and return via e-mail to with a note stating you understand the cleaning limitations with the white and would like us to proceed with your order.

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