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Transition your planters for fall

By Dan Darvell October 1, 2020 Uncategorized

With the cooler temperatures upon us, it’s time to change over your By the Yard planters from summer to fall!  This year, By the Yard partnered with a local Minnesota business, Haute House Studios, to fill our planters.  Their work is nothing short of stunning.  The pictures do not do the planters justice!

Transition Your Planters for Fall

I learned a few tips from Haute House Studios about what makes a great planter and thought I’d share with you.  First of all, for our tapered planters, you can buy an insert or a pot that slips easily inside.  Haute House recommends planting right into that pot.  This allows you to transition out your planters easily from season to season!  Most big box retailers with a gardening center carry these.  By the Yard tapered planters have a removeable shelf you can set your finished pot on.

Next, gather up your fall flowers.  Haute House encourages you to not shy away from color!  Here is a list of fall foliage they used in the planters:

  • Red cordyline
  • Purple fountain grass
  • Red, magenta, and gold celosia
  • Purple, bronze, and yellow mums
  • Purple kale
  • Ornamental chili peppers
  • Preserved fall leaves
  • Tall curly willow, birch, red dogwood, or dried forsythia branches

One of my key takeaways is – fill your planters as full as possible!   I love the Haute House Studio rule of thumb for planter filling – thrill – fill – spill.

Thrill – find something tall and majestic for some height in your planters

Fill – fill your planters (full) with plants and flowers in vibrant colors

Spill – have some plants trailing over the front of your planter

Transition Your Planters for Fall

Transition Your Planters for Fall

You can check out a video tutorial that Haute House created here:

Transition Your Planters for Fall