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Planter tips for spring planting

By Dan Darvell May 2, 2018 Uncategorized

If you were one of the lucky customers who purchased planters at our Open House, congratulations! But NOW WHAT?

Planter Tips for Spring Planting

We worked with Sailer’s Greenhouse in Prior Lake to gather a few best practices using our planters for successful blooms this spring & summer. Planting a container is easy and fun!  There is just a few things you need to think about before you starting and getting your hands dirty!

Step ONE: Determine your sun exposure.

Typically if you have morning sun and afternoon shade you will do best with shade plants. Plants like coleus, impatiens, begonias, browallia or torenia will work wonderfully.  If you have morning shade and hot afternoon sun you will do best with plants that can handle the FULL sun exposure. Petunias, geraniums, SunPatiens, dahlias and verbena work great in full sun containers.

Step TWO: Begin choosing plants.

To find the perfect balance and symmetry you will want to choose your main focal plants (also called thriller plants), filler plants and trailing plants. Your focal or thriller plants are going to be the center of attention in your planter. These plants should have some height and will go in the center of your new By the Yard Planter. Consider using 3 to 5 thriller plants per planter. A few good thriller plants include geraniums, SunPatiens, begonias, coleus or dahlias.

Your filler plants are going to be slightly shorter then your focal plants. These are perfect for making your planter look full and lush. These also fill in the space between the trailer plants and the focal plants. Great filler plants include diamond frost, lantana, diascia or calibrachoa.

Your trialing plants are the plants that fall over the side of your planter. Trailing plants should be planted around the edge of the planter. Typically, use two different types of trialing plants and alter them around the edge. On average, you will use three to six trailing plants. Good trailing plants include lysimachia, sweet potato vine, petunias, lobelia or torenia.

Planter Tips for Spring Planting

Step THREETake proper care of your plants!

*Water daily if it is in full sun.

*Shade planters should be checked daily for watering but will likely want to be watered less then full sun containers.

*Sun planters can be fertilized a couple of times a week while shade planters about once every ten days.

*Don’t fertilize if the plants are very dry, as this will cause you to burn the roots!

*Mid summer give leggy plants a good prune. This will promote new growth & extend plant life.

Step FOUR: ENJOY your beautiful planters!

Planter Tips for Spring Planting

BONUS TIPOften times a hanging planter is already perfectly designed for the best and most visually enticing mix of planting’s.  The 12” hanging planter fit perfectly right inside of our 14×14 planter box! WIN!

We are excited to tell you that at the Jordan MN Showroom we’ve continued the sale on 14 x 14 Planter Boxes through Mother’s Day! You can find them for $79 in the showroom only while supplies last. Please note that colors are limited on what is in stock and the items will move quickly!

Planter Tips for Spring Planting

Don’t forget to stop by our friends at Sailer’s Greenhouse to pick up your plants for your new By the Yard Planter Box on your way home! Thanks Sailer’s for the GREAT tips!

Planter Tips for Spring Planting