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​Making yogurt a kitchen essential

By Dan Darvell February 10, 2017 Uncategorized

Finding your recipes a bit tired from using the same old ingredients? It may be time to spice up your cooking with a dollop of a more underappreciated kitchen essential – yogurt. Many believe that yogurt has little use outside of your morning meal but, with a little creativity, your dinnertime favorites will be brought to life once more. You’ll always want to have a tub on hand!


Yogurt’s acidity and tang combines extremely well with lemon juice and dill to make a rich and lively sauce. Drown all your grilled vegetables, roasted chicken or steaks in a deliciously creamy yogurt sauce with a ton of zing to enliven earthy or charred flavors.

If you love Mediterranean or South Asian cuisine, yogurt may turn out to be your best friend. Season your yogurt sauce with curry, turmeric or other warm flavors for a sauce with a bit of heat and zip. Spoon it over soup or add a spoonful to hummus.


Upgrade your chicken and steak marinades with yogurt. Yogurt’s signature tangy flavor and any savory seasonings you’d like will turn your meat into moist and delectable bits of heaven. From shish kebabs to any number of Indian dishes, you’ll adore the unique flavor a yogurt marinade can endow.

Remember not to leave the meat in the marinade too long – the acid can break it down.


Yogurt is an excellent healthy alternative to fattier ingredients in baked goods. Try using yogurt to bake a cake or cookies. You won’t need oil or butter and your goods will have an awesome tangy edge to complement the sweetness.

Keep your desserts on the healthier side with a sweetened yogurt fruit dip. Just sugar and yogurt pair amazingly with berries, apples and other favorites.

If you’d like to just keep it simple, take that same yogurt dip and freeze it for pure and delicious frozen yogurt. Add pureed fruits or a dash of cocoa to create any flavors you’d like.


Still not convinced you should keep a tub of yogurt in the fridge at all times? Also consider the environmental benefits. You can recycle the empty yogurt tubs as well!

Very few manufacturers are clever enough to take advantage of utilizing recycled plastics. Those that do, however, can create incredible things you’d never imagine were made from your empty yogurt tub. By the Yard Inc. creates beautiful and unique maintenance-free outdoor and patio furniture made from milk jugs, yogurt tubs and other recycled plastic containers. By the Yard furniture comes in multiple colors and styles so attractive, you’d never guess they were recycled plastic. With a By the Yard patio, you can show off your recycling know-how inside and out.

Upcycle Your Yogurt

Taking advantage of what you’ve been given has never been so delicious or beautiful. To learn more about designing your dream patio from our environmentally friendly and maintenance-free furniture, contact By the Yard Inc. online or give us a call at 877-220-0448.

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