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How to throw a backyard movie night

By Dan Darvell August 24, 2017 blog

Summer days can get a bit too hot, but summer nights are perfect for outdoor fun! Follow these planning tips to take the entertainment outside and throw a backyard movie night for your friends and family.

The Snacks

One of the biggest benefits to throwing a movie night at home is that you don’t have to pay for all the overpriced concessions! While you’re technically free to eat whatever you like during your backyard movie experience, it never hurts to stick with the classics. Cover your patio table or a folding table with a festive picnic blanket to create your own snack station. Set out popcorn, candy and a variety of sweet and savory toppings so you, your friends and family can all satisfy your cravings during the feature film.

The Movie

The biggest hurdle when watching a movie in your backyard isn’t choosing the film, but figuring out how to display it as large and clearly as possible. To get the best picture across the largest area, you’ll need to invest in a projector.

Projectors can be pretty expensive but you don’t need to opt for a top-of-the-line model. It’s possible to find one for a few hundred dollars through online retail sites such as Amazon, or you can look for a pre-owned model using sites like Craigslist. Some schools and businesses will even sell their old projectors for cheap.

Once you have a projector secured, you’ll need something to display it on. While you could simply show the movie on the side of your home or patio, the type of surface you’re displaying on can drastically affect the resolution and appearance of your movie.

If you’re looking to create a permanent outdoor movie theater, you might consider investing in a commercial outdoor movie screen. Most models are spooled on rollers that allow you to lower and raise the screen as needed. If you can’t afford a specialized screen, projecting the film onto a hanging white drop cloth or sheet is a more cost-effective option.

Seating and Atmosphere

After your movie and snacks are all set up, the only thing left to do is create the perfect seating arrangement and mood for your backyard movie experience. While you could bring your indoor furniture outdoors, it’s likely the fabric will get dirty. Outdoor furniture is sturdier and more resistant to wear, allowing you to create a more permanent backyard movie setup. If you don’t have any outdoor or patio furniture, folding chairs will work well enough. Add patio lights or other decorations, depending on the genre of film you’ve chosen, to create a custom movie-watching experience!

Outdoor Furniture and Accessories

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How to Throw a Backyard Movie Night