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How to set up an outdoor home office

By Dan Darvell January 21, 2022 blog

With the shifting workplace dynamics and efforts to cut business expenses and protect the environment, working from home is a new normal across industries. For many professionals, all that’s needed to deliver a job well done is a strong wifi connection and the right technology. While business owners are thinking outside the office, the rest of us have a chance to get creative with our at-home work spaces, maximizing both joy and productivity to redefine the experience we have with our jobs. One great way to boost your remote work life is to set up an outdoor home office. Long before periodic office closures and hybrid work models changed our approach to work, the data supporting working outside was strong. Armed with this knowledge and the newfound freedom to work remotely, By the Yard has compiled our tips for setting up a perfectly professional outdoor home office. 

  • Find the Ideal Spot

When choosing the right spot for your outdoor home office, there are a few different things to keep in mind. You’ll want to pick an area that gives you access to a strong wifi connection and power source. It’s important to find a space that offers protection from direct sunlight which can be damaging to electronics or cause glare on computer screens. For times when sunlight is unavoidable, accessories like anti-glare screen protectors, umbrellas and canopies can keep you on task and your gear safe. Position your outdoor furniture away from distractions and gives you a nice view when it’s time to glance up from your screen to give your eyes a break. The right spot should be part of your porch, patio or yard that makes you feel content and inspired, a place where you’d be happy to spend several hours focusing.

How to Set Up an Outdoor Home Office

  • Set Up Your Own Tech Support

When employers opt to let their employees work from home, they’re counting on receiving the same quality of work, if not seeing a productivity boost. Making sure your technology is set up to keep you connected is key. Consider wifi extenders to strengthen your signal outdoors to stay crisp and clear during conference calls. Be prepared to set up your cell phone as a hotspot in case your home wifi is disrupted. Portable power banks can keep your electronics running smoothly without requiring you to run extension cords out of your home. Extension cords, in addition to being unsightly, can become tripping hazards and easily dislodged from their sockets. 

How to Set Up an Outdoor Home Office

  • Add the Finishing Touches

Attractive workspaces have long been known to improve morale and productivity. When setting up your outdoor home office, don’t just lay your laptop down on the table and call it a day. Give yourself the gift of creating a truly aesthetically pleasing environment. Make sure your outdoor furniture is weather-safe and comfortable. Laying an outdoor rug under your table adds both visual appeal and comfort. Use planters to bring pops of floral color and increased privacy to your space. Setting up a tray with fresh fruit, a glass pitcher of water and your favorite glass will not only create a visually appealing morning look, it will help you stay hydrated and nourished throughout the day. Adding an attractive, weatherproof storage unit provides an easy way to keep your belongings safe in the event of unexpected weather, and gives you a nearby space to store items you may need during the workday. 

Create Your Outdoor Home Office with By the Yard

By the Yard has always believed that life is better outdoors. For more than 25 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the craft of making maintenance-free outdoor furniture that is as beautiful as it is durable, and as comfortable as it is strong. Designed for year-round outdoor enjoyment, our tables and chairs are the perfect companions for an outdoor home office. Available with contoured seats, strong back support and the option for stationary or swivel movement, our chairs are customizable to meet your physical needs. Our tables come standard with umbrella holes to provide the shade you need on a sunny workday. Design your outdoor home office on our website to discover the possibilities of your space. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have or help you choose the right pieces for your space; just reach out to us.