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How to gift wrap your By the Yard furniture

By Dan Darvell December 9, 2021 Featured Blog

The holiday season is upon us! As we decorate our homes, gobble up tasty once-a-year treats and finally get to play our favorite holiday songs without anyone giving us the side-eye, one question looms large in our heads: How the heck am I supposed to wrap this thing?! One of the greatest joys of the holidays is giving meaningful gifts to the people we love the most, but wrapping those gifts can be hard, especially if they are generously-sized, ergonomically-designed, sustainable patio furniture from By the Yard. We understand the challenge of wrapping our luxury outdoor furniture, so we have put together some clever holiday gift wrapping ideas to ensure your recipients have a delightful opening experience. 

How to Gift Wrap Your By the Yard Furniture

Keep It a Mystery 

If you want to keep your By the Yard gift a surprise for its recipient, try building a holiday fort around it. Tap into your inner child and pull out the blankets and then hide your gift within the soft walls of a classic fort. Use some twinkle lights to add a sparkle of holiday magic. If you’re not up to building a fort, then you can do a mystery gift wrap with wrapping or butcher paper. Just wrap around the outside first, then over the top to obscure the shape. It may not look elegant before they unwrap it, but when the wrapping is gone and their furniture is revealed they’ll be thrilled.

How to Gift Wrap Your By the Yard Furniture

Don’t Keep It a Mystery

If you’re an expert wrapper, or have some extra time, you can go for the intricate, obvious wrap. Take your paper and wrap it neatly around the legs, arms, seat, or other surfaces of the By the Yard piece you’re gifting. When they come down to see what Santa has brought them, they’ll know right away that it’s furniture; the real surprise will come when they see that it’s the patio furniture of their dreams.

How to Gift Wrap Your By the Yard Furniture

Camouflage It in Holiday Style 

Add to the festive decor in your space by wrapping extra garland and lights around your By the Yard gift. Hidden within decoration, this can help you save the best for last. You can even cover it with other gifts to keep your recipient waiting for their special gift to be revealed.

How to Gift Wrap Your By the Yard Furniture

Orchestrate a Big Reveal

By the Yard’s patio furniture was built to live outside, so an outdoor reveal is a perfect way to take the holiday festivities beyond the walls of your home. Taking a tip from those holiday car commercials, you can top your By the Yard gift with a big, red bow to add to the excitement. Blindfold your loved one and guide them out to discover their gift. Bring some blankets and cocoa so they can start enjoying it right away. 
How to Gift Wrap Your By the Yard Furniture

The Box Within A Box

Due to demand, there may be a wait for receiving your By the Yard furniture – or perhaps you’ve opted for a gift card. You can still create a great gift-opening experience for your recipient. Take your wrapped gift card or a picture of the piece you’ve purchased and put it in a box. Put that box in another box, and so on. Wrap the whole thing and watch as the anticipation builds as your loved one makes their way to the discovery that they’ve been given a gift that will last for generations to come. 

Enjoy The Holiday Season with By the Yard

We at By the Yard love the holidays and we are humbled to be a part of so many holiday memories, whether that entails gifting our furniture to friends and family or being part of an outdoor celebration. Our luxury outdoor furniture is specially designed and built by hand to create lasting memories throughout every season. If you’re still waiting to find the perfect gift for your favorite human to open this holiday season, we can help. If you’d like to learn more or simply want to wish us a happy holiday, feel free to reach out