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How to fall in love with your patio all autumn long

By Dan Darvell October 12, 2022 Outdoor Dining Tips , Patio Decor

The passing of the autumn equinox and the return of fall colors signals to many people that patio season has come to an end. But it doesn’t have to! The patio can still be the perfect place to host guests, enjoy family time and admire your yard even as the weather cools. Being outdoors in the fall is all sorts of good for you: the autumn colors boost the oxytocin in your brain, and you can boost your Vitamin D without overheating.

Let go of the idea that your patio furniture has to go away when the temperature starts to dip, and learn how you can maximize your outdoor space for use all year round. Here’s how to make your patio days last through the fall.

Embrace all-season patio furniture

Outdoor furniture lets you make living spaces on your porch, patio and in your yard. Unfortunately, a lot of outdoor furniture isn’t built to withstand the elements, even during the summer. Create a patio that allows you to make the most of autumn weather with furniture made from HDPE lumber.

HDPE lumber is made from recycled plastics, and has been proven to be durable and weather resistant, maintaining its appearance and comfort for years without the need for storage. As beautiful as its wood counterparts, HDPE patio furniture is a great idea for both enjoyment of the outdoors and friendliness to the environment.

Add warming decor

The right outdoor furniture is a great start, but you’ll want to add some extra elements to bring out the warmth when the temperatures start to change. Weather-resistant cushions offer softness that you can sink into as you watch the kids jump into leaf piles. Consider keeping a stack of cozy flannel blankets by the door or inside your outdoor towel locker. String lights, candles and lanterns add a feeling of warmth while keeping your space bright when the sun falls earlier during autumn nights.

Build a fire

Not only does a fire offer warmth, it creates the perfect autumn ambience for a fall evening outdoors with friends and family. While bonfires can disrupt the mood with too much smoke or difficulty igniting, a fire pit table heats up the cool night air beautifully without the hassle. Fire pit tables use propane tanks instead of wood, for a clean-burning flame that is non-toxic and cost-effective. It’s easier to keep kids and pets safe with a fire pit table, as well, as the flame is higher and enclosed.

Fall in love with your patio all autumn with By the Yard

By the Yard transforms HDPE lumber made from recycled milk jugs into gorgeous, long-lasting luxury outdoor furniture. Each customizable piece is built by hand in Minnesota, where staying outside year round is a point of pride. We pride ourselves on building furniture that is up to the task as well. Backed by a 35-year warranty, our furniture is maintenance-free, weather-resistant and doesn’t require storage. Add autumn beauty to your outdoor space with elegant seating, cozy cushioned furniture and warming fire tables. Shop online, at any of our showroom locations or by phone at 877-220-0448.