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How to be an even better neighbor

By Dan Darvell September 8, 2022 Entertaining

Everybody wants good neighbors. And everyone wants to be a good neighbor. Whether you are new to the neighborhood, or if you just want to get to know each other a little better, you can find ways to be an even better neighbor than you already are. Food always helps break the ice, and who doesn’t love a good yard game? If you are searching for ways to be a good neighbor, consider the following tips and start building a community in your neighborhood.

A group of neighbors seated at a By the Yard outdoor patio furniture set chat about how to be a good neighbor.

Host a get-together

Fire up the grill, pull out the meats (and the plant-based burgers) and invite your neighbors over for a barbeque. A backyard cookout or a yard party is a great way to get to know your neighbors in a casual, low-pressure environment. Break the ice by showing off your cornhole skills (or lack thereof). Or, ask your neighbors if they have any fun yard games they play. Try one of these unique yard games for your yard party.

If you aren’t known for your grill skills, that’s okay. Host a drink night and exchange bartending tips and tricks with an outdoor bar. If you want to play board games, a By the Yard game table works well for groups and with short and tall options, you’ll find something you love for your neighborly get-togethers.

When you decide to host a get-together in your yard, be a good neighbor and let your neighbors sit in comfortable, quality furniture. Gliders from By the Yard are comfortable and look great on any patio. Your neighbors will love sitting in them and will feel comfortable in no time. As the night goes on, turn on your fire table and create a cozy, fall atmosphere where neighbors eventually turn into friends.

By the Yard Adirondack chairs and planter boxes brighten this outdoor deck as an attempt to be a good neighbor.

Add planter boxes to your yard

Whether or not you host a get-together in your yard, you can take other steps to be a good neighbor. Try sprucing up your yard and add some curb appeal for you and your neighbors to enjoy. Add some beautiful yard furniture to make your lawn look warm and inviting. In doing so, you can create a welcoming atmosphere in the neighborhood and make your home appear personal and friendly.

In addition to nice furniture, try adding plants and flowers to your home. A planter box is a nice addition to gardens and yards. Planter boxes look great and are practical, too. Adding greenery to your home is an easy way to spruce up your yard, and by complementing that with a planter box, you will appear to be a kind and inviting neighbor.
A person holds up a By the Yard gift card that they will give away in an effort to be a good neighbor.

Give a gift

Who doesn’t love gifts? Giving gifts on holidays, special occasions or even as a surprise is a great way to be a good neighbor. You could do what most good neighbors do and bake a batch of cookies, but that may be plain and expected. This year, try stepping up your gift-giving game with a unique gift from By the Yard.

A By the Yard gift card is another great gift idea for your neighbors. Give them the gift of comfortable, eco-friendly yard furniture with a gift card. Not only will this bring a smile to their face, but it will inevitably create a bond between the two of you that can only be made possible by the furniture from By the Yard. Be a good neighbor this year and give the gift of By the Yard.

Neighbors relaxing in By the Yard reclining lawn chairs near a fire pit gather in an effort to be good neighbors to one another.

By the Yard: for all neighbors

Whether you are new to the neighborhood or just want to be a good neighbor, By the Yard can help. Our comfortable, easy-to-maintain yard furniture will get your neighbors talking. You’ll be known as the best neighbor around in no time when you host a get-together in your yard, or even if you just spruce up your curb appeal.

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