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Getting creative with By the Yard’s utility pieces

By Dan Darvell December 30, 2021 blog

Happy New Year! As we celebrate the end of another interesting year and welcome 2022 with open arms, we deserve to give ourselves a round of applause. We’ve found creative ways to handle unprecedented times with grace, resilience and a sense of humor. We’ve repurposed parts of our homes into offices and classrooms, discovered new ways to connect with loved ones far away and discovered the importance of our communities nearby. 

With the new year dawning and spring’s return just beyond the horizon, why not use these newly-honed skills to make these last few winter months bright? Whether you’re hosting a party tonight or looking for opportunities to entertain during the rest of the season, By the Yard has some creative suggestions for using your planters and garden boxes to add magic and convenience to your events. Keep reading to discover versatile and creative ways to use your By the Yard garden gear.

Getting Creative with By the Yard’s Utility Pieces

Stash Your Chilled Beverages

Hosting a New Year’s Eve party or other celebratory bash this season? You can use your By the Yard planters to store chilled beverages! Waterproof and temperature-resistant, you can load them with ice for perfectly chilled sodas, beer and bubbly. Bottles and cans won’t be able to scratch or damage the HDPE lumber, and you won’t need to worry about leaving condensation rings on your sideboard. Our Raised Garden and Elevated Planter Box can hold a number of beverage options at a convenient height for guests. Create a stunning midnight display with our Backless Planter Bench, with two built-in champagne buckets and plenty of space for your special-occasion flutes. With an elegance that traditional coolers just can’t pull off, By the Yard’s garden containers are a host’s dream. If your party is indoors, just make sure to use dry ice or an appropriate liner since all of our planters are equipped with drainage holes. 

Getting Creative with By the Yard’s Utility Pieces

Create Snack and Party Favor Stations

Place trays on your 30” Tapered Planter Boxes to turn them into tasteful stations for party favors and hors d’oeuvres. Sturdy and durable, your trays won’t scratch or scuff the surfaces, and you can store extra supplies and even fun surprises like noise makers and party hats inside. Our raised, elevated planter boxes and Planter Stand can also transform into convenient stations for your party guests to grab their take-home party favors at the end of a wonderful night. Easy to clean and stain-resistant, HDPE lumber means you won’t need to worry about spilled dips and beverage drips, making afterparty cleanup a breeze. Beautiful on their own or adorned with festive decorations, you can throw a party in style without having to worry about rentals or damaging your favorite wood pieces. 

Getting Creative with By the Yard’s Utility Pieces

Build An Igloo

Whether you’re entertaining little ones or looking to reconnect with your own inner child, there’s something magical about building an igloo after a snowfall. Delight guests of all ages or even just yourself by using your By the Yard 14” by 14” Planter Box to make sturdy snow bricks to build an igloo. The drainage holes will allow for your snowy building blocks to release easily from their By the Yard mold. Studies show that spending time outside during the winter is vital for our mental and physical health. Perfectly-sized to make a sturdy structure for the whole family to fit inside, this will be a wonderful way to spend a snowy weekend outdoors. Not sure how to build an igloo? Find simple, step-by-step instructions online

Get Creative with By the Yard

We like to get creative. For more than 25 years, By the Yard has made the artful, mindful reuse of materials a core value of our company. Born out of a desire to create sustainable beauty for patios, porches and gardens, we repurpose plastics to create strong, resilient HDPE lumber for luxury outdoor furniture, planters and other outdoor utility effects. With a variety of customizable styles and colors to mix and match, we delight in giving our customers a chance to get creative to create the patio of their dreams. By the Yard’s furniture is low-maintenance, weather-resistant and versatile so it can be enjoyed year-round as intended or for whatever creative repurposing you discover. Shop By the Yard luxury outdoor furniture today by visiting or call us at 877-220-0448.