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Let’s sit around the campfire table and sing a campfire table song. Imagine the conversations that can happen around the comfortable glow of a fire table.

Bask in the Comfort of a New Fire Table

The light and warmth that emits from a fire table offers solace and invites friends, neighbors, families and strangers together to share in nostalgia, in present day glory and in a good drink. 


Fire tables for sale are an opportunity to revitalize your outdoor space. Minnesota summers are made better when you can spend time outside. With a fire table, your outside time isn’t limited by the amount of daylight or temperatures that come when the sun sets. 


Depending on the size of your patio, you may need a different sized fire table to properly heat the space and give comfort to all your guests. Understanding the proper BTUs necessary for heating your patio is important. Our team of fire table experts can help you determine the size of your space and which fire table is right for you. 


Your comfort is our goal. We work hard to provide inspiration, aesthetic suggestions and premium outdoor furniture including fire tables that look and feel great.  


Find inspiration on our site and see what outdoor options await.

Which Fire Table is Right For You?

By the Yard offers a variety of fire tables and accessories that go great together and can make your patio or backyard space cozy and welcoming.


Once you find fire tables for sale near you, the rest of your patio styling will follow. 

Matching your outdoor furniture sets with similar colors, styles and aesthetics can provide an elevated sense of comfort to your patio space. By the Yard provides durable, comfortable furniture in matching colors and styles to ensure you can mix and match, and find the perfect pairing for you. 

Plus, our collections provide pre-built sets for you to choose from. 

Find the style that’s right for you, and add a touch of comfort and warmth with a fire table for sale in Maple Grove, Jordan or Woodbury today. We also have locations in Iowa and Wisconsin and can ship to you! Visit a store near you or shop online for outdoor comfort all year round.

Backed By a 35 Year Warranty

Our furniture looks great, feels comfortable and will last. We back this up by offering a 35-year warranty on our fire tables for sale. 


With a warranty this good, you’ll be sure to enjoy your outdoor furniture for decades. Each piece is designed with you and your comfort in mind, and we believe that comfort should last! 


When you shop for fire tables for sale, you deserve to buy something you know you’ll love and that will last through any weather the Midwest throws at us. 


Fire tables provide serenity and luxury to your outdoor space. You deserve it. Find your fire table set today and enjoy it for years to come.