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Features that make adirondacks the patiochairs of choice

By Dan Darvell January 4, 2023 Patio Decor

If you’ve ever been to a barbecue, a vacation resort in a wintry or tropical setting, a natural preserve or just somewhere peacefully pastoral, chances are you’ve sat yourself down at some point in an Adirondack chair.

And if you haven’t, let’s look at a few of the reasons why Adirondack chairs are so legendary (and best selling) and why they’re often considered the best outdoor furniture. If you’ve been considering some new patio seating for your backyard or porch setting, it’s time to give an Adirondack some thought.

Adirondack chairs combine comfort and coziness.

Adirondack chairs have comfort and support top of mind, with a high slatted, sloped backrest and low-to-the-ground seat in a reclining position — perfect for gathering around the fire pit toasting marshmallows, enjoying some coffee on a warm (or brisk) Sunday morning, sitting around chilling, or just taking some time to lounge or doze.

Adirondack chairs’ form equals function.

An ergonomic, contoured design has more than just comfort in mind; this patio chair also boasts some health benefits, keeping your feet elevated, your spine straight, knees supported and your weight evenly distributed. The wide armrests, which open up the sitter’s chest, are intentional, and were, at one time, used to aid the cardiovascular health of tuberculosis patients in the late 19th and early 20th centuries: better blood circulation, muscle relief, breathing and added stability, to name a few of the health benefits.

Adirondack chairs are veritably versatile.

If the above two reasons aren’t enough to tout the Adirondack chair’s user-friendliness, consider that its thoughtful design is also expressly multi-purpose — like how its wide armrests are perfect for balancing a drink or plate, or for kids or pets to sit or lay on your lap. The Adirondack’s deep seats and angled back are also ideal for accessorizing with cushions for added comfort, or adding an ottoman to the mix.

Adirondack chairs are built for uneven terrain …

In the event your backyard’s landscaping follows a downward slope, an uphill climb, or your seating area is situated on a textured surface (like gravel or sand), your Adirondack chair will never tip over or feel unsteady. Those broad armrests, deep seats and high backs are built on an even sturdier base that can offer stability no matter what the ground underneath says (or does). And assembly is a piece of cake.

… and made to last.

The great thing about Adirondack chairs is the number of durable, heavy sturdy materials they can be constructed from. Teakwood is naturally resistant to water damage, insects and other elements, making them four-season friendly and long lasting. Other manufacturers may opt for other woods and materials like cedar, eucalyptus, polywood, or even resin. By the Yard crafts our own Adirondack chairs from a proprietary recipe of durable HDPE lumber derived from recycled #2 single-use plastics, such as milk jugs.

(Low maintenance, our non-porous, HDPE-constructed seating is UV stabilized, requires no storage, no painting, will not stain, splinter, rot, chip or peel and cleans easily with soap and water.)

It’s more than a chair. It’s a work of art.

To say the Adirondack chair is aesthetically pleasing is an understatement, since its immediately recognizable design harkens to the era of classic 20th century furniture, placing it on par with the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright or Herman Miller. The Adirondack chair was conceived by Thomas Lee, who needed lawn furniture for his family to better enjoy the breathtaking views of the Adirondack Mountain region, from where the chair eventually earned its moniker. As mentioned before, the Adirondack chair was once marketed as a “cure chair” for patients with respiratory ailments. But it also arrived at the right time, appealing to people looking to escape increasing turn-of-the-century urbanization into the great outdoors, and its appeal remains to this day.

Customize your own adirondack chairs with By the Yard

From raised and upright, to gliders, to dining chairs, to bar stools or simply the original that started it all, the family of Adirondack chairs keeps growing with a multitude of styles, colorways and combinations to choose from. At By the Yard, we have nine designs and colors of Adirondack chairs. Mix and match, or unify your furniture by selecting colors and styles that match your outdoor furniture needs.

Need help getting started? Call us at (952) 492-2777. Our timeless, sustainable furniture is hand-made in Minnesota and built with our customers’ specs in mind.