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Discover the Joy of Easy Cleaning with By the Yard Furniture

By Dan Darvell May 17, 2024 blog , Patio Decor , Seasonal

In the whirlwind of daily life, finding moments of genuine relaxation and joy in our outdoor spaces is invaluable. At By the Yard, we’re dedicated to enhancing those moments by ensuring your sanctuary requires minimal effort to maintain, leaving more time for what truly matters. We pledge to provide you not only with the comfort and style you deserve but also with the gift of time, thanks to our durable outdoor furniture that requires minimal maintenance and withstands all weather conditions.

Our collections are built with a commitment to quality, sustainability, and durability, crafted from recycled milk jugs and other forms of #2 plastic, and designed to weather all seasons without losing their charm. From the classic elegance of our Adirondack chairs to the social heart of our fire tables, every piece we create is backed by a 35-year warranty, reflecting our confidence in its enduring beauty and function.

The Essentials of Outdoor Furniture Care

Caring for outdoor furniture is as gentle on you as it is on the environment. Here’s how you can maintain its pristine condition with minimal effort:

1. A Simple Solution

For routine cleaning, all you need is warm water mixed with mild soap. This gentle mixture is perfect for wiping away everyday dust and spills, keeping your furniture inviting and fresh.

2. Tackling Tough Spots

Outdoor living sometimes brings stubborn stains like bird droppings or tree sap. No worries! You can easily manage these with a soft-bristled brush dipped in the same soapy solution, restoring your furniture’s cleanliness without harming its finish.

3. The Power of Rinse

After cleaning, a thorough rinse with plain water ensures no soapy residue lingers. This step refreshes your furniture as effectively as a quick dip refreshes you on a warm summer day.

4. Winter Wisdom

When winter whispers its arrival, remember that our furniture is crafted to endure both blazing sun and biting snow, resilient against fading or damage. Feel free to store it away if you prefer but know that it’s not essential. Should you choose, a simple cover can offer additional protection, though our pieces are designed to stand strong regardless. Wherever your furniture resides during the winter months, By the Yard assures you of year-round durability and quality that will last for many seasons to come.

An Invitation to Enjoy

At By the Yard, we believe that your outdoor spaces should be a source of joy, not a chore. Our furniture is designed to assure you peace of mind, knowing that it’s not only crafted to last but also made with the highest commitment to environmental sustainability. With these straightforward care tips, we invite you to spend more time enjoying the beauty of nature and less time on upkeep.

Life is indeed better outdoors, and with By the Yard furniture, we’re excited to be a part of your outdoor living experience. Our collections promise to bring joy beyond your backdoor, transforming your outdoor space into a haven of relaxation and beauty. Welcome to the By the Yard family, where every piece is made for you, with sustainability at heart and a promise of enduring quality.

Explore our collections today and discover the perfect fit for your outdoor style. Whether you’re drawn to the elegant lines of our Chippendale collection, the cozy comfort of our Deep Seat options, or the vibrant social atmosphere created by our Horizon Collection, we have something to match every preference and lifestyle. Imagine the possibilities and find your outdoor joy with By the Yard.