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Decrease Management Workload and Increase Operations Performance

By Dan Darvell June 11, 2024 blog

The Costs That Come After Purchasing Commercial Outdoor Furniture

You likely know that commercial outdoor furniture is a fair investment. Like any fixture in a hospitality

environment, it gets lots of use and abuse. Hence, it must be manufactured to the highest possible

standards. Of course, some options are built better than others — and that’s where your cost of

ownership and upkeep varies.

Maintenance Crews and Repairs Add Up Fast

Whenever the color on an Adirondack chair fades or a patio table top splinters, it creates a task. The

manager has to inspect the issue and then assess if it can be repaired or needs to be replaced. But

that’s not the end of the costs — it’s only the beginning.

The manager must delegate the next step to a maintenance team. If they can repair the issue, that

takes time and money. If they have to replace the item, that also takes time and money: filling out

warranty forms, ordering the replacement, paying for shipping, and then assembling and positioning

the new item.

But that’s always the case, right? Not necessarily.

What if you invested in outdoor furniture that lasted longer, didn’t sprinter, and was UV-protected against fading —

something like commercial outdoor furniture from By the Yard? It meets all of those criteria and

more. Like the ability to withstand the trials of nature 365 days a year, be it corrosive salt air, crippling

humidity, endless rain, scorching heat, truckloads of snow, or heavy ice with teeth-chattering temps.

Spending a little more upfront creates long-term operational efficiency by eliminating ongoing

maintenance tasks — or significantly reducing the number of incidents or frequency of issues.

Most Outdoor Furniture Doesn’t Store Itself

In some areas of the country, commercial furniture stays outdoors all year. For the rest of the nation,

it is stored. Here again, there is another massive loss of labor hours, storage costs, and potential

damage to the fixture.

No matter how careful your maintenance or moving staff is loading and unloading furniture, you can

count on a few items being damaged along the way. That means you end up paying to store the item

and then replacing it next season when it’s unloaded and the damage is discovered. And who

discovers that damage? It’s the manager who inspects the pieces to make sure they are suitable for

use. Once again, that task takes up their time and the time of other staff as the responsibilities get

delegated across the operational chain of command.

Once again, investing in higher-quality commercial outdoor furniture would have been a dollar-wise

decision. Items from By the Yard are built to endure the elements. They are rain, snow, wind, and

sunproof. They endure the elements without fading, rotting, or showing signs of age. In other words,

you never have to take it in or cover it up By the Yard furniture. Wherever you place it is where it can

stay all year.

That means no paying for tarps, storage, overseeing storage tasks, or addressing any ensuing damage.

Choosing By the Yard absolutely creates operational efficiency by reducing the workload.

How Can Commercial Patio Outdoor Furniture Improve Operational Efficiency and Decreased Management


Our two scenarios explained how commercial patio furniture from By the Yard decreases

management workload and increases operational performance. But now, let’s list it out. Doing this

shows you how choosing By the Yard isn’t just better in one or two ways, but in many ways.

Decrease Management Workload

Less need to:

  • Inspect furniture and fixtures on a regular basis
  • File warranty claims
  • Assign repair tasks to maintenance staff
  • Hire painting/staining services
  • Follow up and ensure maintenance repairs are completed

Increase Operations Performance

Free up time for:

  • Other facility maintenance needs
  • Management of other areas/departments
  • Complete office work and reporting

Eliminate annual:

  • Storage tasks
  • Labor costs
  • Repair/upkeep tasks
  • Storage fees

What Makes By The Yard a Better Choice for Outdoor Furniture?

By the Yard commercial outdoor furniture is different — and better — than competitor options. How

each piece is built and the materials used are what drives decreased management workload and

increased operations performance.

By the Yard furniture and fixtures are not made of wood or aluminum like most commercial options.

They are manufactured using a very dense, strong, and durable plastic called High-Density

Polyethylene (HDPE). In fact, By the Yard uses its own proprietary HDPE recipe to create the best

possible HDPE planks.

Why does By the Yard use HDPE? Unlike other plastics, HDPE is significantly stronger. Plus, it:

  • Never rots
  • Never splinters
  • Resists fading
  • Resists staining
  • Is made from recycled materials
  • Is 100% recyclable

What’s more, all By the Yard furniture is made with non-rusting, color-matched stainless steel

hardware. Compared to competitors, By the Yard furniture is more stable and heftier, so strong

winds won’t blow it around.

We Bet You Never Expected Commercial Outdoor

Furniture Could Decrease Management Workload and Increase Operations Efficiency

You might be shocked, perhaps even doubtful, of commercial outdoor furniture’s impact on

managerial workload and operational efficacy. Don’t be.

At this point, most hospitality organizations have implemented common ideas to improve their

bottom line. Now, they are looking deeper to find innovative (and money-saving) ways to optimize

performance. The more unexpected the idea, the more valuable it becomes.

On the surface, investing in higher-quality commercial outdoor furniture may seem unnecessary. But

when you do the full accounting and compare how saving a little upfront costs far more over the life

of each piece, the best business decision becomes crystal clear.

Choosing outdoor commercial furniture that requires less ongoing maintenance, storage,

replacement, and repairs is the clear winner. It’s good for guests, great for business, and an

exceptional way to reduce managerial tasks.

How do we know? By the Yard works with thousands of commercial customers all over North

America. Our expertise is deep, and our client list is broad, encompassing:

  • Hotels
  • Apartments
  • Health clubs
  • Golf courses
  • Residential care and senior living facilities
  • Universities

Learn more about By the Yard commercial outdoor furniture and its complete selection of seating,

tables, and accessories. Please direct any questions to the By the Yard commercial sales or call (952)

219-7070 for immediate assistance during business hours.