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Best ways to set up an outdoor buffet

By Dan Darvell March 15, 2017 Uncategorized

Outdoor parties can take a lot of work to set up, especially when you want food and beverages to be easily accessible. Buffet tables are one way to display your whole spread and provide easy access to food and drink. However, the logistics of fitting a buffet table in a small backyard, optimizing your food spread and other issues can arise if you don’t have a game plan when you go to get things started. Here are some ideas that may help you set up a successful outdoor buffet.

Best Way to Set Up Your Backyard Buffet Table

  • Optimize your buffet table to your backyard layout – the benefit of a buffet table is that its rectangular shape makes it easier to access. If you have an open backyard, place it somewhere where guests can easily access it from all sides. Ideally you want it close to the house, but not too close people can’t maneuver around it. If you have a small backyard with little room to maneuver, place it up against your yard’s wall or fence on the shorter side so the longer sides are still accessible.
  • Organize your dishes and food layout – Optimize your buffet table spread to establish an easy traffic flow. Place plates on one of the corners on both sides of the table for symmetry. Creating two lines for people to serve themselves from will also help ensure you don’t get massive backups of people waiting in line. Salads and other appetizers should be served before larger dinner items like grilled food, which should be placed toward the end of the table.
  • Keep beverages on a separate table – Buffet tables may be large, but placing a punch bowl on the table can actually clog up traffic. A smaller, separate table for drinks allows guests to set their food down and fill up their cups easily. Additionally, it prevents spills from occurring as guests can set down their plate and use both hands to fill their cup. A spill on your buffet table poses a threat to the food you have on it, potentially ruining whole dishes. A separate drink table will also prevent bottlenecks from occurring at your buffet table, allowing guests who just want drinks to access the drink station quickly and easily.
  • Put salads over ice –Maintain the freshness of your salads by putting your salad bowl over a bed of ice or simply freeze your salad bowl overnight and fill it with the salad right before festivities begin.

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