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5 Steps to living more sustainably

By Dan Darvell June 23, 2021 blog

Small and simple changes to our daily habits can make a surprising difference to the future of our planet. When we strive to make our homes more sustainable, we not only improve the quality of our daily lives but also have a positive impact on our planet while we do so. Here are five steps to living more sustainably:

5 Steps to Living More Sustainably

1. Invest in Eco-Friendly Smart Home Technology

Smart technology isn’t just a way to make your life easier, but is also a way to save energy and protect the planet. For example, LED light bulbs use 25%-80% less energy and last 3-25 times longer than incandescent bulbs. To lower your heating costs and reduce energy expenditure you can install a smart thermostat that adjusts heating and cooling automatically. If you want to save the environment, your time, and money, smart technology is the ideal upgrade for your household.
5 Steps to Living More Sustainably

2. Save Your Leftovers

If you have leftovers, don’t let them go to waste. Save them for lunch or dinner the next day or freeze them for later. Did you brew too much coffee this morning? Here are some creative recipes to try using your leftover coffee. While saving leftovers might not seem like a big deal, it makes a dent in the 1.3 billion tons of food thrown away each year. Can’t stomach an egg salad for another meal? Start a compost garden so your leftovers never go to waste.

3. Wear Sustainable Clothing

Yes, you can protect the planet and look good doing it. The fashion industry is one of the main offenders of pollution and abuse in the world. To lessen the impact this industry has on the planet, invest in sustainable clothing or buy more of your clothes second-hand. Not sure where to start? Reformation, Everlane, and Patagonia are brands that care about ethical work standards, the environment, and the quality of their clothing.

5 Steps to Living More Sustainably

4. Reduce Water Usage

No, we’re not saying drink less water – but we are saying there are ways to reduce your usage. A great thing about modern technology is that most dishwashers and washing machines have an ‘eco mode’ option that’s energy and water-efficient. In fact, a full dishwasher on ‘eco mode’ will use less water than doing all your dishes by hand (and who wants to do that anyway?) Water covers over 71% of the earth’s surface, but less than 3% of it is fresh. So, using water responsibly makes sense, environmentally and financially.

5 Steps to Living More Sustainably

5. Choose Furniture for the Long Haul

Invest in furniture that’s designed to last for years to come. By the Yard sells luxury outdoor furniture for small spaces, from chairs to tables and more, all of which are maintenance-free and 100% sustainable. Our furniture is constructed from high-density polyethylene, made out of recycled milk jugs. Now, you can save the planet while reclining.

While these tips are just a few steps in the right direction, we encourage you to find more ways to protect the planet (and look good doing it!) After all, sustainability looks good on everybody.

Love Your Yard, Love the Planet.

By the Yard creates furniture that’s maintenance-free and built to last a lifetime. We are proud to produce designer-quality furniture that protects the environment. Shop today by visiting or call us at 877-220-0448.